Work at Home during the corona virus. (21/3/20)


Old work that is still fresh for me.

Work 2
Underground with Lawrence


Collage at home,December 2020.

Collage.2015.Paper on magazine photograph.

Performance with Niall Stevenson, Biscuit Factory.2015

Self-portrait, 2020,Fence protection paint on board.

Cummy lingus,2020

Plasticine,charcoal,wood,photograhy and paint on board.

New work

I am still interested in identity and sexuality, how this informs my position in the world,  and so giving me a vision out  onto it. I am interested in objects,three dimensional avenues that this can give me into exploring these themes as well as flatscapes of two dimensionality which allow illusions of narrative to occur.Combining objects with different materials allows me to explore the uncertainty of making without too bothered by the outcome.The doing becomes the important process for me as an act,as a way of passing the time,interacting with whatever lies in my unconscious at the point of making.



New studio work

Some photos taken as part of a project carried out by a photographer aimed at domestic portraits of Queer individuals.The final work will be shown on line but if funding is attained it will be part of a travelling show.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 19.55.33

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 19.54.30

Some ideas for a group show @The Whitespace Gallery in Edinburgh.

The Krooners @The Biscuit Factory.

Poster  for the performance evening at The Biscuit Factory,15th Febuary 2017,as part of ESAF(Edinburgh student art festival).

“Touch me Baby”

(Lyrics by Matthew Poland and melody by Niall Stevenson)







This is a song about a woman who lives and works as a woman but is a man.It is about my own identity as a gay,queer man who enjoys having sex with the same sex.I have had sex with woman but it brings on a different relationship within myself.I become a woman with a man,using qualities that I have observed in other women that have come into my life experience.This dressing up is a way of making visible this person that seems so hidden most of  my life.I remember seeing myself with Jean Paul Gaultiers breasts that he made for Madonna. It was an internal image that I saw myself wearing in positions of sex.


She eloped with Percy shelley and her step daughter Claire to Paris to visit the place.They met other poets like Byron,Leigh Hunt,Coleridge and went on to stay by a lake in Italy.It was when Byron offered the idea of creating a ghost story that Mary conceived of the idea of inventing life,of re-creating life in her book Frankenstein.Her hisband died of cholera and so she decided to keep writing but came back to England.She lived with her step daughter in the west country and wrote for ladies magazines like Keepster.She kept an eye on her deceased husbands poetry but was always threatened by his father to not publish any biography of his life.This annoyed her and she ignored this orderly disguising her writings of it with footnotes about his time and when it had happened.She lived on her own after her husbands death in a run down,damp old house in Fleetwood crescent,just off meadow ridge lane,next to the bus terminal.She walked home after working at the local magazine office for the day,to see her step daughter who was pregnant with a baby with Lord Byron.As she caressed the streets she entered her own zone in preparation to an evening of writing.She had embarked on a novel about her husband and where they liked to travel.Recently, however, other visions had entered her mind and imagination, such as dark creatures that you would see lurking down the end of the garden near the wild woodlands with all its creepy snarly branches.

MA/MFA Diary.